AILBIEA is the result of consolidation of individual efforts. It has successfully established a platform to address various technical, legal, infrastructural, administrative and procedural issues of Liquid Bulk Trade. The stakeholders include importers, exporters, clearing and forwarding agents, shipping agents, installation owners, barge operators and intermediaries connected with liquid bulk trade.

Mr. Jayyannt L. Lapsiaa, President said, AILBIEA is now only a click away with total up-to-date information on Customs Notification, Current Affairs and latest press clipping on our sector. Log on and all members will be proud of it.

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Historically, ports have played a key role in the growth of cities and expansion of business - especially export and import. Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkatta and Kochi have developed into important commercial centers of the country because they are essentially port-based and have benefited immensely from export / import activity.

Over the years, the country's foreign trade has grown in volume. Economic and trade liberalisation policies of the government have accelerated the pace of trade activity. With that, the complexities of business too have increased. Interpretation of related laws, procedural formalities, high cost infrastructure and ever-expanding demand for facilities and services have combined to make Exim trade a really challenging area of economic activity.